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"having a supreme focus"

About Us

KalaniKats Cattery was started with love in 2002, by Natasha and Tatyana Kalani. Our parents allowed us to start our cattery as a lesson in animal husbandry and entrepreneurship, but what we have learned most about is teamwork, passion, and caring. We truly love our cats! We are a very small, home-based cattery located in Southern California. Our goal is to responsibly breed beautiful, healthy, and happy Bengal Cats. We can be seen having fun at most shows in California and other Southwestern Region states.



A special thanks to Earl Shropshire for allowing us to own our first Bengal Cats and to all our feline friends  for their continued help and support.


                                  Natasha and Tatyana>^..^<


The Cattery

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Besides being in the house, our cat condo provides 200 square feet of indoor and outdoor fun for our cats. Built by the Kalani family, the facility includes large holding/isolation areas, lots of activities, grooming area, big windows, and an outdoor area surrounded by trees. The outside portion of the enclosure has plexiglass at the bottom so the cats do not come in contact with other animals and "friendly fence" at the top for lots of fresh air, ocean breeze, and sounds and views of the birds in the trees. The ten foot high climbing wall, with shelves, provides lots of opportunities for exercise and lounging in the sun. There is also a waterfall and pond for playing. The large exercise area is great for running, lunging, and viewing the Koi fish in the pond. On the weekends, this area is transformed into a cat agility course!


Stud Facilities

The KalaniKats' studs enjoy their very own facility with large indoor areas equipped with climbing poles and exercise wheels. They can access the outdoors where they are among the fruit trees and can lounge in the sun. They also have grass for playing and grassing along with ponds to splash in. They also enjoy regular outings to local stores, schools, city events, and parks.







Show Cat Facility

The current show string of cats are housed in their own temperature control sunroom. Beaming with natural light, they also enjoy climbing opportunities and exercise wheels. These cats interact with our very busy house hold and have an advanced nutrition, activity, and exercise program geared towards a competitive lifestyle. On a limited basis, KalaniKats offers show expertise, mentorship, and agent services to outside cats. If interested, please contact us for further information and pricing.






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